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Welcome to the latest version of the website. Over the years, we've tried a number of different formats for this website, and after lots of different approaches, we're going back to basics. Over the coming months, we'll be building the website using a thinner and lighter approach, maximizing content and minimizing page loading times.

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NASA has done it again! Those two amazing Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, are exploring the Martian surface and discovering one amazing find after another. Visit this website to keep current with the latest information.
Looking for information on a particular subject? This section of the website provides links that have been pre-screened in a variety of subjects. From time to time, new links are added, and existing links are re-examined. Please note that while we at do work to keep these links current and appropriate, the content of the Internet is ever-changing and we have no control over and take no responsibility for the content of the sites to which we are linking.
COMING SOON - Looking for a good book to read? Need to buy school supplies and want to make sure the ones you select actually work? Want a new software package to help you learn math? Or maybe you just want the latest game to unwind. This section of the website provides reviews of all sorts of items and links to purchase them at
COMING SOON - Want to practice some skills using our interactive tutorials? This section of the website will contain software to help you succeed in your training.
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